Mood Series vol.2 features Petar Cvetkovic – Natenane

Mood 24 returns with the “Mood Series” various artists. For this instalment we have 4 special tracks each one to suit different styles and tastes. First up we have Nima Gorji with his Contraction track. A groovy minimal track, repetitive but at same time brings you along through a little journey on the dancefloor. Dragutesku gives us a deep and dark track with special little sounds here and there to bring suspense and anticipation to this wicked track. Negru has a more solid house style. 808 drums, sick sub bass and a jazz melodies. Petar Cvetkovic gives us some more tech house orientated sounds, simplistic drums, groovy rolling percs and a sick vox to wrap things up nicely.
Out on June, 1st.