Teodora Van Context

She has a natural affinity to music. While everyone enjoys music, she responds to music as a vehicle to heal, relax, and to uplift the soul. Naturally perceptive, without even trying she tunes into the feelings of others, and the mood of her surroundings.
Her DNA spells electronica. Born In Belgrade, Serbia, as an offspring of a famous music producer, she grew up in a studio. Her whole upbringing shaped her musical perception and refined her taste.
At the age of 16 in Lisbon, Portugal, where she’s been living for eleven years, she already started organising and promoting parties, booking and managing local and international djs. Her own dj carrier was a logical progression.


30.03 - Ben Akiba, Belgrade, Serbia
13.04 - Ben Akiba, Belgrade, Serbia
16.04 - Club Diablo, Vranje, Serbia