Petar Cvetkovic

Petar Cvetkovic, born in Belgrade, Serbia. Music was a big part of his family’s life, it was especially made sure that Petar was growing up surrounded by quality sounds suited for his age. It was largely jazz and soul based, mostly thanks to his older brother. He played piano as a child and discovered the world of music, soon it became the start of creating his own tracks by sampling from audio cassettes and overdubbing vocals through small tape recorders. It was hip hop at the very beginning, at that time he gathered a group of friends from his neighbourhood and founded his first band, Podrška iz kraja (Hood Support), which released an album, Pakt sa zvukovima (Pact With Sounds), in 2003. It wasn’s just hip hop, it began to morph into experimenting through drum & bass and house tracks right away. After the dissolution of the band, a part of the group marched on as Dirty Cover and had it’s first releases for 2600 records, which had put out the first deep house album, Last Life. They continued to release songs, which was an encouragement for bigger steps towards the more experimental tech house. After the successful collaboration of group of producers, Petar had a couple of releases under the name of Lomatic, and shortly after that he made his own name in the world of music and paved the way for his solo career, that goes on. Releases for renowned Wiggle, Is This, Little Helpers, Moral Fiber, Kina Music… led him to a place from which he more easily communicates with other producers and has more and more successful collaborations. In the meantime he became a member of Happy People, organisation with a 20 years long tradition in Serbia, where he successfully works on projects – organizing parties, musical and art events.


05.03 - KPTM, Belgrade, Serbia
17.03 - Three Dots, Belgrade, Serbia
26.03 - w/ David Delgado, The End, Novi Sad, Serbia
01.04 - w/ Rossko, Disko Bar Mladost, Belgrade, Serbia
23.04 - Ben Akiba, Belgrade, Serbia
29.04 - Boat Party, Skadar Lake, Montenegro
03.05 - KPTM, Belgrade,
13.05 - Ben Akiba, Belgrade, Serbia