Christian Rütz

“It was only four tracks on the machine but I was picking up twenty from the extra terrestrial squad”

Copenhagen native, Christian Rütz grew up next to a record shop and began collecting hip hop, break beat and electronica records at a young age, and the weekends where often spend trying to build homemade soundsystems with parts taken from old tv sets and stereo systems, sourced from the local junkyard. One defining moment was the day he discovered Prodigy’s album “Music for the jilted generation.” It wasn’t long before he started collecting synthesizers, drum machines and tape decks and soon began DJing.

10 years later, Rütz has released music in a variety of different genres, both independently and in collaboration with other artists—under numerous aliases.
His first solo album, “A month and a day” will be released this August, on his own label, Remote Enclosure Audio.
Besides releasing music under his own name, he has the ambient and experimental
Solo project, Fallen Metropolis, techno monikers, Vacant Compound and Initial Gain, as well as Float & Rütz with cofounder of Remote Enclosure Audio, Vladimir Mihailovic, with whom he released the full length CD album “Mind The Machines” on German Deeptakt Records, in September 2015.

After meeting Alvaro Suarez at a REA clubnight in Copenhagen 2015, they started the project Sansui. Five days later they played their first concert together, using a combination of drum machines, synthezisers and a violin. In less than a year, Sansui went from practicing in their Copenhagen studio to performing at numerous Berlin Clubs like Sisyphos, Ritter Butzke and Kosmonaut, Malmo’s musem of Modern Art and Kontrapunkt, and Bangkok’s Glow, to name a few.

BBC One and BBC London Radio have featured his work, transporting him to venues all over Europe and Asia, performing live as Sansui and Lauge; Rütz, besides playing DJ sets alongside names like Regis, Alan Fitzpatrick, Extrawelt, Dasha Rush, Fritz Kalkbrenner and Paranoid London to name a few.
He currently lives in Berlin, where he runs his record label Remote Enclosure Audio, while hosting the monthly club night REA at KB18 in Copenhagen.


11.03 - Traffic Report live, Suicide Circus, Berlin, Germany
24.03 - KB18, Copenhagen, Denmark
20.05 - KB18, Copenhagen, Denmark
24.05 - Traffic Report Live / Ritter Butzke, Berlin, Germany
26.05 - Traffic Report Live / Sisyphos, Berlin, Germany